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The problem

Your industrial facility may require some painting work on short notice, especially if you have a scheduled inspection in the near future. 

Or perhaps you are new to the industrial sector and are unsure if your facility requires specialty paint.  You need a skilled expert to help you discern the right type of paint to use.

How we can help

At Iron Mountain Painting, we pride ourselves in our attention to fine detail and ability to attend to your needs on short notice – often within three hours of your call. 

We provide a wide range of services to the industrial sector including coatings for any item, from concrete floors and metal deck ceilings to machinery. 

We provide interior and exterior painting services to:

plant and manufacturing facilities
metal and steel clad buildings
storage facilities and industrial buildings and units
With our vast experience in the sector, Iron Mountain Painting understands your needs.

To help choose the perfect paint for your particular industry, our chemical engineer, who assists us 24/7, is available to help you discern the paint required.  We use special coatings that have been produced to fit with industry standards. 

The goal of Iron Mountain Painting is to save you money, and so through our expert painting services, we can save you up to 500% on your lighting bill by having us enhance the luminescence within your property.

Taking the next steps is as easy as 1-2-3

Call us at (604) 462-1683 to set up a free consultation
One of our experienced staff will visit your facility at your convenience to determine the next course of action
Relax as we work to ensure the necessary services are provided in a timely and professional manner
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